Monday, May 16, 2011

Rockers & Gliders

Do we need a rocker for our nursery?  Until recently, I was hearing it was a MUST, but today on Apartment Therapy/ Ohdeedoh, it was ranked as the Number One Item Readers Thought They Needed But Didn't.  The runner up was an infant car seat, which had me a little confused (I would think this is an absolute essential but is that just because I live in LA?) but still, it's food for thought.  Rockers are a long lead time, pricey item, so it's definitely worth spending some time deciding if it's something you'll use.  That said, here are a few of my favorite rockers and gliders.

Shay Swivel Glider from Room & Board.  I wish you couldn't see the base, but the color is fabulous:

The classic Eames Rocker from Herman Miller:

The Luxe Glider from Jennifer DeLonge:

The (incredibly expensive) Notte Fatata Louis Rocking Chair from Petit Tresor:

The Luca Glider from Monte:

We still have some time to decide, and I guess we could opt to go with a regular upholstered armchair instead, or depending on the size of the nursery, a daybed of some sort?  In which case I already have it picked out: vintage faux bamboo sofa, reupholstered in a botanical print, love!

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  1. Agree. You really don't want to spend your life in the nursery, that's for baby sleeping.