Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fun Nursery Toys

We're kind of obsessed with Blabla dolls.  They're not cheap at $46 each, and I'm not sure he really needs all of these, but they are seriously adorable, and I think will add some fun color to the nursery!  Here are our top picks:

Leonardo the Lion:

Bubbles the Cat:

Beauregard the Wolf:

Bandit the Raccoon:

They also have these super cute fruit and veggies, set of 5 for $37:

I have a similar obsession with the Ugly Dolls.  I will confess that I've spent at least an hour on their website trying to choose between them, a surprisingly difficult task!

Big Toe:







I think Big Toe, Ox and Ket are my favorites, but it's so hard to choose!  At $20 each they are at least a little cheaper than the Blabla but I can't buy them all!

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