Friday, May 13, 2011


There are so many cute mobiles out there, I have no idea how I'll choose just one!  Here are a few of my top picks:

Happy Whale Mobile, Sea Horse Mobile and Chicken Family Mobile all by Flensted:

Paintbrush Mobile from Pottery Barn Kids, no longer available (but probably an easy DIY):

Circus Themed Mobile by Katie Steuernagle of Matsutake via Ohdeedoh:

I love the Blabla knitted mobiles including this Sheep, Dream Lion and Red Bird Mobile:

Sweet Cloud Mobile from Etsy seller  Lila Grace Designs:

Coral Fish Mobile and Spiny-finned Fish Mobile by Windspiration: 

Sunny Day Whimsy Mobile by The Whimsy Boutique on Etsy (though I'd be tempted to snip the green bits off the bottom!):

Lastly, and what I'm currently leaning towards, a cloud mobile from The Butter Flying a.k.a. Leptitpapillon, also on Etsy:

I'm thinking about asking if they'll do a custom mobile for us, with a ring like those above but with lots of bright colors like the ones below:

These color options might be a little moody for the bright nursery I have planned, but they're probably great for developing eyes!


  1. I have a multicoloured mobile:

    If you prefer a custom mobile you are welcome!

  2. You can have more than one?????