Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inspired Nursery Art

I spotted this amazing (and tiny) nursery on Ohdeedoh today and I find it super inspiring!  I love the chevron curtains  (you can find similar ones at Etsy store Windows By Melissa including a version in yellow - yes please!), the simple fitted sheet, and I think the gallery wall is incredible!  By the way this nursery is literally located in a closet!

I immediately set about tracking down the brilliant Subliminal Baby Letterpress Print and found it and others at Sycamore Street Press:

That lead me to some serious Etsy browsing, as I would also love to create a gallery wall for our nursery.  My first find was this incredible portrait by artist French Language, who will create a custom portrait like this for $105!  I'm not sure I can wait for the little one to grow up to get one of his own, so I had the idea of having one done for each of his parents from one of our baby pictures?  Is that cute?  Or strange?

Next up I fell for this Raindrop Tiger Print by Twoems, LOVE!

Some other Twoem's prints including Patterned Peacock and Uh Oh Shark:

 I really love this Liar Liar letterpress print but is it sending the wrong message to the little one?

Krasner Kitty print from Matte Stephens:

Winter Wolf print from UK based Alice Potter:

Our little boy will be born in the year of the rabbit.  Atti's nursery featured what I think is a Year of the Lion print from Dutch Door and I think this Year Of The Rabbit print is sweet:

The prints by iota illustration are super cute, including Hound Dog Slim:

Puffin On A Tuba (this might be my fav):

A touch of Australia (by way of Teaneck) Kangeroo Potrait on playing card by JuanStar2:

Aaron Meshon's Brooklyn Bunny Print from PopAndPals:

I also love the mini flag pennants/ bunting, I'm eying these from (Australian based) Etsy seller Lesa Likes:

Choices, choices!  This is going to be fun!

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