Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Nursery Update

Not long to go now before the bub will be joining us, and the nursery is going well, though it is nowhere near complete!  Here's an update on what I've been up to the past few weeks in addition to organizing and hosting our coed baby shower - more to follow on that!

The latest addition is this vintage owl lamp I found the other day.

He didn't come with a shade, and I was worried that with his black eyes he could lean a little towards creepy, so I figured a bright yellow shade (lined in gold, my favorite trick!) could cheer him up, and I think it worked?!

The custom cloud mobile from The Butter Flying (leptitpapillon) arrived and it looks so great over the crib!  

I'm also working on a mobile for over the changing table.  I ordered 5 pink flamingos and 1 toucan from RuthBleakley and I'm just trying to figure out how to turn them into a mobile.  I like the idea of the toucan being like a black sheep amongst the flamingos, if that makes sense?!

I bought this fun pillow from mothcushion that I think will be a great pop of color on the white leather rocker, and a nice touch of my native Australia!

I randomly (spontaneously) bought this vintage cradle the other day, thinking if it was sturdy, it could be perfectly safe for supervised nap time whilst he's too young for the bar width to be an issue (need to measure it to see if it meets current standards), but now I'm not sure what I was thinking?  

I have a refinisher working on it to make sure it's properly glued together, and painting it white with zero VOC paint (I was worried the original finish could contain lead) and it comes tomorrow - we'll see if I actually feel comfortable having him use it or not, but Naturepedic might actually have a mattress that fits it so that's something?  

I got a massive discount and it was still there a year after I first spotted it (when I wasn't even pregnant!) so I figured it was fate, and worse comes to worse could just be toy storage?  I do love the turned wood detail!!

I bought this pair of super cute cute vintage brass duck hooks from High Street Market that I figured would be great for hooded bath towels or back packs.

Lastly, something I haven't purchased yet but I'm seriously considering are these "timber" stools from Fleetwood Fixtures.  They actually have one in bubblegum pink in stock (usually a custom order), super tempting, but they're not cheap!  One would be great as a little side table for beside the white rocker... will have to see what the hubby says!

I think that's it!  I'm still working on the gallery wall, I need one more piece to round it out, and I still need to order the felt bunting flags... oh and basics like a crib mattress and sheets, but we're getting there!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Nursery Update

I know it's been a while since I've posted, we moved and I just haven't had any time. Now we're starting to get settled, I have a quick moment for an update on how the nursery is finally starting to come together.

After much much much deliberation we chose the Monte Alto Rocker in white leather. It wasn't quite as curvy as I was hoping for, I actually prefer the shape of the Luca, however the Luca doesn't come in white leather, and I don't love seeing the gliding mechanism at the base, particularly when it's such dark wood. I wish Monte would be more flexible with their customization! So we went with the Alto instead, and with a nice soft bright pillow I think it will be fine, particularly paired with our silver metallic ottoman.

Over the past week or so I've purchased the Land Of Nod Jenny Lind bookcase, some white shelves from West Elm, the Calypso Zig Zag Rug in Jadeite, a white Newport Cottages style dresser, some Blabla dolls and some Ugly dolls. I'm in the process of ordering the mobiles and art, mostly from Etsy, and two prints from Sharon Montrose of a baby monkey and a giraffe.

I'm still on the hunt for a vintage lamp, preferably yellow, a side table or two, organic fitted sheets in plain colors (why are they only sold in sets? So frustrating!), and a laundry hamper. Oh and all the basics, like thermometers, diapers, etc.!

I just heard the crib (the Ray crib by Muu) is arriving Monday which is so exciting, and I'm so glad it's finally coming together! Below is my attempt at a collage... will try to post another update in the next few weeks, if not I'll definitely post photos of the finished product when I'm done!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nursery Gallery Wall

We just commissioned a 4 inch version of this little guy from Netherland's based Etsy seller PlanetFur.  Baby's first faux taxidermy!

I think he'll look really sweet in the nursery, perhaps as part of a gallery wall.  Some gallery wall inspiration images I've collected over the years are below.

Interior Designer Kevin O’Shea's "wall of curiosities" via Design Sponge:

Hanging art from the May 2006 issue of Domino Magazine:

Melbourne Designer Suzie Stanford's inspiration wall:

Chevron gallery wall by Caitlin Wilson:

Kate Spade Gallery wall featuring the same pink ampersand - want!  I've always had a bit of a thing for ampersands!

Gallery wall by Erika Brechtel

I snapped this from the issue of Australian Belle or Vogue Living, unfortunately can't remember which, or more details, but I love these two pieces together!

I've been adding art that might work for our nursery gallery wall to my Etsy favorites. Here are a few of my recent finds, including this Hungry Bear in Fez plate by Etsy seller Jimbobart:

Sweet Bear On A Unicyle illustration by ChasingtheCrayon:

I like the idea of a felt ball garland like this one from Etsy seller happyaslarry, particularly in bright colors of my choosing!

I found myself oddly obsessed by the elephant silhouette featured in this nursery on Ohdeedoh.  Turns out it wasn't purchased from Etsy as I first suspected, and instead was a "bedrest project" created by tracing a cut out of an elephant printed from the internet.  

It's very similar to this boxer silhouette painted by blogger Blush-N-Bashful.  

I'm not much of an artist, but perhaps this is simple enough that I can attempt an elephant of my own?!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Circus Themed Nursery

I'm loving this circus themed nursery by Kansas City photo stylist Kate Dixon via Ohdeedoh.

Especially this incredible 7 foot tall spinning ferris wheel toy storage system!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sophisticated Nurseries

This week I'm really feeling the soft palette's of these rather sophisticated nurseries.  I love the use of muted colors and mostly white, though I don't think I could restrain myself from adding multiple pops of bright colors!

I don't have a source for this image, other than it features my current crib of choice, the Oeuf Sparrow:

I have no source for this image either, but there is something I just love about it!

Nursery by Laura Day via Lonny Mag:

Dan & Lara Einzig's son's nursery via Nursery Notations:

 All white nursery from Serena & Lily:

Nursery by Lee Kleinhelter via Lonny Magazine:

I'm loving this incredible room via A List Baby and I wish I could find more information on it!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inspired Nursery Art

I spotted this amazing (and tiny) nursery on Ohdeedoh today and I find it super inspiring!  I love the chevron curtains  (you can find similar ones at Etsy store Windows By Melissa including a version in yellow - yes please!), the simple fitted sheet, and I think the gallery wall is incredible!  By the way this nursery is literally located in a closet!

I immediately set about tracking down the brilliant Subliminal Baby Letterpress Print and found it and others at Sycamore Street Press:

That lead me to some serious Etsy browsing, as I would also love to create a gallery wall for our nursery.  My first find was this incredible portrait by artist French Language, who will create a custom portrait like this for $105!  I'm not sure I can wait for the little one to grow up to get one of his own, so I had the idea of having one done for each of his parents from one of our baby pictures?  Is that cute?  Or strange?

Next up I fell for this Raindrop Tiger Print by Twoems, LOVE!

Some other Twoem's prints including Patterned Peacock and Uh Oh Shark:

 I really love this Liar Liar letterpress print but is it sending the wrong message to the little one?

Krasner Kitty print from Matte Stephens:

Winter Wolf print from UK based Alice Potter:

Our little boy will be born in the year of the rabbit.  Atti's nursery featured what I think is a Year of the Lion print from Dutch Door and I think this Year Of The Rabbit print is sweet:

The prints by iota illustration are super cute, including Hound Dog Slim:

Puffin On A Tuba (this might be my fav):

A touch of Australia (by way of Teaneck) Kangeroo Potrait on playing card by JuanStar2:

Aaron Meshon's Brooklyn Bunny Print from PopAndPals:

I also love the mini flag pennants/ bunting, I'm eying these from (Australian based) Etsy seller Lesa Likes:

Choices, choices!  This is going to be fun!