Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nursery Gallery Wall

We just commissioned a 4 inch version of this little guy from Netherland's based Etsy seller PlanetFur.  Baby's first faux taxidermy!

I think he'll look really sweet in the nursery, perhaps as part of a gallery wall.  Some gallery wall inspiration images I've collected over the years are below.

Interior Designer Kevin O’Shea's "wall of curiosities" via Design Sponge:

Hanging art from the May 2006 issue of Domino Magazine:

Melbourne Designer Suzie Stanford's inspiration wall:

Chevron gallery wall by Caitlin Wilson:

Kate Spade Gallery wall featuring the same pink ampersand - want!  I've always had a bit of a thing for ampersands!

Gallery wall by Erika Brechtel

I snapped this from the issue of Australian Belle or Vogue Living, unfortunately can't remember which, or more details, but I love these two pieces together!

I've been adding art that might work for our nursery gallery wall to my Etsy favorites. Here are a few of my recent finds, including this Hungry Bear in Fez plate by Etsy seller Jimbobart:

Sweet Bear On A Unicyle illustration by ChasingtheCrayon:

I like the idea of a felt ball garland like this one from Etsy seller happyaslarry, particularly in bright colors of my choosing!

I found myself oddly obsessed by the elephant silhouette featured in this nursery on Ohdeedoh.  Turns out it wasn't purchased from Etsy as I first suspected, and instead was a "bedrest project" created by tracing a cut out of an elephant printed from the internet.  

It's very similar to this boxer silhouette painted by blogger Blush-N-Bashful.  

I'm not much of an artist, but perhaps this is simple enough that I can attempt an elephant of my own?!

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