Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Plaid Pigeon Planters

I just discovered these planters by Plaid Pigeon on Etsy and I'm obsessed!

Sadly I missed out on the sold out Zach the Triceratops and whatever those lovely long necked fellows above were, but earlier today I did order these three: Penelope the Hippopotamus, Jake the Stegosaurus and Dylan the Tyrannosaurus Rex:

And I just discovered these two new guys were added to their Etsy site tonight!  April the Giraffe and Elmer the Elephant: 

How will I curb my impulse to buy them all?!  I do think they'll look very cute on a high shelf all lined up in the sun!  And at $16-$20 each, I think they are fairly reasonable and super fun nursery decor!

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