Monday, April 25, 2011

Nursery Furniture & Crib

We're holding off on buying almost everything for the baby till we move into a new home (hopefully by July 1st, fingers crossed!) where we have some more space.  In the meantime I'm compiling my wish list of furnishings so that I will be 100% ready to go!

I'm currently debating between these three crib styles.  First up, the Dwell Studio Century Crib:

Second is the classic Jenny Lind Spindle Crib (although I just found out many have just been recalled for a safety issue):

Lastly the Stokke Sleepi, which starts off small and round then expands (and become oval shaped) as needed:

I'm thinking white, unless we go with the Jenny Lind, in which case I do like the look of it in yellow.  

I also like the look of Land of Nod's Jenny Lind Spindle Bookcase.  It could be a way of getting my spindle fix without going with the actual Jenny Lind Crib.  

It could look pretty painted in blue or another color similar to this Urban Outfitters bookshelf that is cheaper, but apparently not very well constructed:

Which in turn reminds me of this bookstand from Jayson Home & Garden that I spotted a while back, love it, though probably a little too rustic for a nursery!

The crib will probably dictate the look of the changing table, but I'm thinking definitely not matching and potentially vintage?  I'm wondering if I'm missing something by just purchasing a vintage chest of drawers and placing a changing tray on top?

If I were to purchase a changing table or dresser, the Celine dressers from Bel Bambini are gorgeous, though expensive, and quite feminine:

Decisions decisions!  

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