Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm also finally getting a chance to share some photos from our coed baby shower, 10 months later!

We hung orange, pink and purple (the same colors as the bougainvillea that appears throughout the yard) paper poms from Etsy seller Pomtastic in the trees.

Gifts laid out on the antique ox cart:

Some friends set up a onesie decorating station, so sweet!

There was also a guestbook and art station, here's a thoughtful handmade card for Wolfe from some of our friends:

Guests relaxing in the shade, it was a super hot day:

Ping pong in the afternoon:

My favorite coconut cupcakes - chocolate and vanilla - from Joan's on Third with cupcake toppers from Ready Go.

White sangria, watermelon cooler and cucumber water:

The dirty diaper game:

And of course, a baby shower wouldn't be complete without the opening of at least a few gifts, including this dinosaur rattle hand made for Wolfe by his Auntie that continues to be one of his favorite toys!

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  1. Fabulous. Nursery looks amazing, and the garden gorgeous.